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Welcome to INDIGO Holistic Multiverse

Updated: Jun 22

What does a 23 year old with a B.A in Political Science and a deep vocation for a law related profession, have in common with a holistic health non-profit site?

To the untrained eye, practically nothing.

I recall reading that Steve Jobs once said that creativity is finding connections between things that otherwise weren’t connected.

In a world where your admittance ticket is to have a set of rigid beliefs, behaviors and attitudes tattooed so you can be placed within your selected crowd, I have decided to allow space for duality within me.

I made the radical decision to check the marks for two seemingly opposing categories. To be both a professional that aspires to one day be a successful practicing lawyer and at the same time, a grounded individual that seeks to bring change to her environment through spirituality and integrative health.

Collectively, we have chosen to enforce rigidity and judgment for the creativity that so innately lives within us. We either have to go follow our professional dreams and climb the ladder within the corporate environment or we get to travel the world in hopes to “rediscover” ourselves.

To me, it is not so much about rediscovering yourself but rather about remembering. That highest version of ourselves that we are always seeking to find and evolve into has always been there, we have just forgotten it resides within us.

We have forgotten that we have the ability to heal ourselves, that we have the ability to control our thoughts and our circumstances regardless of how challenging they might seem - we are always on the driving seat. It is the forgetting that has made us believe we are truly helpless of our fate, that bad things simply just “happen” and that we are destined for a life of suffering because “that’s just how life is”.


Every person has what I call the “catalyst moment”.

A moment where things were just so bad that you either went into complete denial or undeniable curiosity and openness. This is mine:

By the time I was six years old, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer that primarily attacked her white blood cells and evolved into several tumors throughout her lymph nodes. Through a series of chemotherapy sessions, a couple years and a heavy toll on her overall being, she was cleared of cancer. In the eyes of the mainstream medical system, her body was clear of whatever it was that caused this disease and it wasn’t until November of 2021 that my mom was once again diagnosed with cancer - this time a tumor that occupied most of her one kidney. To the collective, cancer is something that just “happens” and if you are unlucky enough, it “happens” to you. It took fourteen years and two different types of cancer within my immediate family for us to realize that it simply cannot just “happen”. Surely, there has to be another explanation than what meets the eye.

Today, my mom and biggest inspiration, having survived two cancers can assure you that there is.

Having been hit with the ultimate and most painful lesson that is to witness someone you love undergo cancer or any chronic disease for that matter, forces you to take a step back and look for answers. Answers that aren’t provided through the current lens we all are taught to look at life with.


Indigo is the color of the "third eye" chakra or energy center, a point within the eyebrows that is responsible for inner intuition, deep knowledge and wisdom. A point that when in balance, creates deep spiritual connection with one’s true self. It is for this special connection that I decided to create INDIGO Multiverse; a first of its kind space for holistic learning.

This is a space for people who, just like me, find themselves questioning the why’s and the how’s of life, for those who have loved ones that are currently suffering some form of chronic illness and can’t find the answer, for those who know deep down that life can be beautiful and there is more than this, for people who want to remember.

Depression and anxiety are not lifelong companions that one has to learn to live with and appease from time to time, but rather the symptoms that there is change to be made. It is my purpose that through INDIGO, I can serve the people who just like me found themselves lost but with a deep need to understand and change.

Last but not least, to my reader, I urge you to take this information as it fits you and your current needs. The reason why I like to call this space a “multiverse” is because it seeks to serve a multitudinal number of personal circumstances and needs. If something deeply speaks to you, I invite you to do your own research and approach an alternative way of being with an open heart and an open mind - it is the only way to allow for change to happen.

That being said, follow us on Instagram as: @INDIGOMultiverse, Twitter: @indigomulti

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