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Diversify your mental portfolio — 5 blogs and newsletters that will add value to your day

Updated: Sep 19

I believe that the cure to procrastination begins with a simple perception shifthear me out.

diversify your mental portfolio - INDIGO blog

What if you start viewing the content you consume on a daily basis as if you were actually putting money on it as an investment — would the content you consume change?

For the purpose of this analogy, let's say you are paying $1 for every post you engage with for over 10 seconds; by the end of the day after you've mindlessly scrolled through hundreds of flashy videos on Tiktok or celebrity Instagram posts, you're left with quite a substantial dollar amount investment.

Now ask yourself this - would the ROI on that money you've put on social media today be something you will benefit from, or did you just throw money down the drain?

Make no mistake, your attention is a form of currency. Invest it wisely.

To me, consciously choosing to curate the content you consume is analogous to making an informed decision on what to invest your money on — in the long term it will be obvious whether your investment paid off or not.

When it comes to financial investments, I'm sure we have all heard of the term and common recommendation to "diversify your portfolio" — which basically means there is value on variety when it comes to allocating your financial resources.

The same applies to your "mind portfolio" — diversify the topics and perspectives of the content you choose to consume but focus on its quality nonetheless. Venture out into the topics you never thought you'd be interested in, you might find that this new knowledge can add value to your current occupation.

"Creativity is finding connections between things that wouldn't otherwise be connected"
- Steve Jobs

This blog post has the purpose of adding value to your day by presenting you with 5 blogs and newsletters that range from health and wellness to business leadership and so much more.


#1: The Next by Justin Mares

Category: nutrition, healthcare, current events, business.

  • Exploring what’s next in health, startups and society.

Justin Mares is the founder of TrueMed, Kettle & Fire and Perfect Keto.

Justin's blog is the perfect merger between developments in the business and fintech industries, the current landscape of the healthcare system and his take on current events and society. Every blog post is rich in substance and research - backed takes on the current state of society from the perspective of a health and wellness entrepreneur.

diversify your mental portfolio - INDIGO blog

Link to his most recent article here


#2: Consciousness — the doorway to human evolution by Scott Britton

Category: personal growth, spirituality, the mind, meditation.

  • A blog and newsletter focused on exploring consciousness and the boundless self while living in a modern Western society.

Scott Britton is a tech entrepreneur and most recently the founder of Troops, a venture backed startup that was recently acquired by Salesforce. However, his blog is not focused on the complex world of tech startups but rather about exploring the human experience through a better understanding of consciousness and how practices like meditation can bring about a more meaningful life in a modern Western society.

diversify your mental portfolio - INDIGO blog

Link to one of my favorite articles here


#3: MindBodyGreen blog | The Long Game newsletter

Category: nutrition, longevity, alternative health practices.

  • A blog and newsletter focused on exploring consciousness and the boundless self while enjoying the human experience.

One of the most wholesome sites when it comes to Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness and Beauty. It features courses on health coaching, workouts and meditation from some of the most renowned people in the field of Health & Wellness like Deepak Chopra, Ben Greenfield and Amy Shah - amongst many others.

diversify your mental portfolio - INDIGO blog

Link to some of their educational resources here


#4: Neural Network newsletter by Andrew Huberman

Category: neuroscience, supplementation, sleep, biohacking.

  • The latest in neuroscience, health, and science-related tools from Dr. Andrew Huberman.

Truly one of the best educational resources out there. Andrew Huberman has an incredible ability to translate complex concepts within neuroscience and health into easily digestible pieces of information regardless of your knowledge level in the topic. His podcast "The Huberman Lab" and his newsletter delves on topics like:

and so much more

diversify your mental portfolio - INDIGO blog

Link to some of his educational resources here


#5: The Unlock by Matt Hunter


  • A blog and newsletter that explores a more humane and connected way to approach business leadership

Matt Hunter is a thought leader, 2x founder and executive coach that brings a new perspective on how to do business from a place of effective communication, vulnerability and emotional intelligence. If you are someone who wants to combine entrepreneurship while developing a high EQ - this is the place for you.

diversify your mental portfolio - INDIGO blog

Link to one of my favorite articles here



This list is by no means comprehensive, but rather just a glimpse into some of the content I have personally been consuming and that has provided me genuine value.

There is so much information out there that is worth your investment — however what does it does require of us is to have the discernment to sift through that which is only meant to distract.

And remember, when the app is free - we are the product.

diversify your mental portfolio - INDIGO blog


And talking about newsletters — we have one! subscribe to our weekly newsletters where we share with you our take on the latest biohacking trend, our supplement picks, wellness habits and so much more.

As always, please feel free to reach out to our team with questions or just to say hi.

We always love to hear from our community!

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